Investment Advisory

I, Robert J. Coady, WealthMark Advisory Group, LLC’s advisor, offers a variety of investment advisory services to my clients. I work with my clients to identify their investment goals and objectives as well as risk tolerance in order to create an initial portfolio allocation designed to complement my clients’ financial goals and objectives.

I may create a portfolio, consisting of, but not limited to individual stocks or bonds, exchange traded funds, no-load funds and/or load-waived funds (front-end commissions will not be charged).

Each portfolio will be initially designed to meet a particular investment goal, which WealthMark Advisory Group, LLC has determined to be suitable to my client’s circumstances. Once the appropriate portfolio has been determined, I will review the portfolio and re-balance the account based upon each client’s individual needs, stated goals and objectives. My strategy, generally, will be to seek to meet client investment objectives while providing clients with access to personal advisory services.

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